Guest Post: Maintaining Face-to-Face Relationships in a Digital Business World

It goes without saying that the Internet has revolutionized how we do business around the world.  From the comfort of their homes, consumers can buy practically anything and have it sent to them from just about anywhere.

With this explosion of access to markets, it is very easy for businesses with a strong online presence to lose the personal relationship many consumers seek out when purchasing goods.  If you don't have an actual physical location that customers can visit, what's the point of maintaining a personal relationship with your customers?  Now, more than ever, is it important for businesses to create personal relationships with customers online.

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Google+ Takes an Engaging Approach with Ads

The world of digital advertising never really stands still. If you keep up with news articles and company updates, it seems like major announcements are made at least weekly. While this is helpful for advancing the online marketing industry, it may be overwhelming for business owners and page managers.

Instead of trying to keep up with every single update, we think it's better to focus on those which may have the largest impact on your business.

This week, Google+'s "+Post ads" take the cake. Putting ads or promoted content on a social media site is not exactly a novel idea. Most major social networks are already using ads to generate income. However, the way Google is attempting to integrate ads to their flagship social media site, Google+, is actually pretty interesting.

Read onto find out why!

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Part 1: Too Much Content On Facebook Means Brands Need To Get Creative

This recent article on TechCrunch brought a bit more insight into the fact that Facebook has, and plans to continue to limit what fans see from pages. It’s unfortunate and not terribly unexpected, but there are still things brands and Pages can do to stay ahead.

I think most digital marketers could have seen this coming from a mile away. Their IPO and strong push to turn a greater profit each quarter has turned the world’s most popular social network into a streamlined content delivery system with a main focus on revenue.

They make a fair argument to support this ongoing trend. There is just a lot of content on the platform. Between sponsored posts, pages you like, and your traditional friends, it’s been estimate that they can show an average of 1,500 different posts each day. There’s a lot of content.

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Guest Post: 5 Ways Businesses Can Use Online Content To Sell Offline

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the benefits of content marketing for online sales. When you leverage your online content to its fullest extent, you can see the benefits in offline sales as well.

If your online content is being shared, commented on or talked about online, chances are the people that you talk with on the phone and see in person will find value in it as well. A killer content market strategy should bolster every aspect of your business.

You can use that same content to make the phone ring, or bring people in the door. Read more to learn how!

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Responsive Design for Your Business Site

The term "responsive" has become a buzzword in web design in the past few years, and for good reason. A responsive website is one which can effectively be displayed on any size internet browser - be it a tiny smartphone screen, or a massive iMac monitor.

As a business owner, you are probably well aware that you need a website to represent your brand online. On top of this, you also need to consider the importance of implementing responsive design.

Think about it like this; you want to find and convert as many interested consumers as possible. If they can't view your website on their smartphone, or it looks bad on their 24" monitor, you miss out on potential leads. Odds are they will lose interest in your brand or product, and move onto one of your competitors.

The more devices your website displays correctly on, the more opportunities you have to capture and convert leads. So how do you do it?

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Customer Service: The Biggest Little Thing in Marketing

There’s not much that’s not been said about the benefits of great customer service. Everyone appreciates, especially when they need something in return. For many it can make or break an experience, and provide a little bit extra assurance.

Many marketing companies like my own stray away from highlighting it as a selling point. We don’t brag or let you know that you should expect it, because well, you should expect it.

Big companies that provide a one-size-fits-all solution to marketing will tout their 24/7 customer support line and 5 star rated testimonials. That’s great and all, but they’re only doing it because they’re a big company. By entering into a contract with them, you agree to do business with one of the big guys.

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Promoted Posts Can Pay Off

Over the past couple of years, almost all the major social networks have introduced some form of paid advertising to their users.

But how effective can paid content really be? At first glance, it would seem like most users would be turned off by unsolicited posts on their feed.

It turns out that among social network users who engage with businesses online, paid ads are reported as the top source of brand discovery. This is great news for any brand owners or social media managers looking to get noticed online - paid content is a quick way to get your message in front of countless individuals.

Read on to find out more!

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