Social Media Isn't Only About the Numbers

How often do you hear marketers and social media managers talking about how many likes or followers their companies have on Facebook and Twitter? Most people get so wrapped up in follower counts that they forget to actually use social platforms to their full potential. 


The true value of social media lies beyond simply getting people to like your page and posts. Don't get me wrong; getting a ton of followers can help make your business extremely successful, but it's not the only thing that matters.

Social networking is all about engaging your audience and having meaningful interactions with individual customers. If you only worry about growing your numbers, you'll miss out on developing valuable relationships with your supporters.

Instead of only trying to grow your follower count, you should try getting the most out of your social media accounts.  

The best way to do this is to focus on providing value first. 

Your fans don't care how many followers you have. They care about the quality of your content; that's why they follow you. High quality content will keep your supporters coming back to your pages and posts time and time again.

A high fan count alone can lead to more traffic, but it will not lead to greater sales by itself. The nature and persuasiveness of your content is what will help you ramp up engagement in order to drive sales and actual growth.

If you want to make your customers and fans happy, make sure your posts provide value to them - don't only worry about how many of them you have.

Next, you need to interact with your fans. 

Let's assume you post high quality content regularly, and you have a some fans who are already engaged in your posts. Instead of focusing on getting more followers, don't you think you should interact with the ones you have first?

If you don't interact with your current supporters, there's a chance they will stop paying attention to you; try not to let their opinions, comments, and questions go unnoticed. Focus on communicating with your current fans to develop personal, lasting relationships.

People who feel a personal connection to you are more likely to become high-value customers. Developing close relationships with several followers will be far more valuable than having a ton of fans who never interact with you.

At the end of the day, don't let the numbers rule you.

Your follower count, shares, likes, retweets, and repins are great metrics to help you measure your growth. However, it's important to not always let these qualitative metrics take precedence over everything else.

True success on social media isn't governed by these rigid numbers; your own success is based on your goals.

Focus on improving customer relationships and gaining high-value, loyal fans. Make sure you're providing your supporters with good content and genuine interactions. Good customer relationships are one of the main benefits of social media, and will lead to greater sales than a high follower count alone.